Artwork & Design

Pieces of art wrapping pieces of art

We make works of art inside and out. We have a small group of artists associated with our work who can take care of the artistic aspect of your record and its promotion.

Propose the ideas you have to the designer of your choice and you will see the art printed on your record.

Covers, labels, flyers, websites, banners, logo design ... anything you want to reach the eyes of your listeners. See to hear.

You can also have your designs already prepared, then we will provide you with the templates and everything is ready.

We give personalized budget because each idea is different and we want to help you make yours the best.

I present to you the artists.





We've been making websites and artwork designs around a decade ago. We'll work with you on your project, everything following actual trends and focused on every specific sector.

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I’m a multidisciplinary and specialized graphic designer. I love everything related to corporate identity, design, packaging, communication, web or illustration.

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